Patient advocacy

Your competent patient advocate at our hospital is Péter KRISTÓF. Patients may contact him with their complaints and requests at the following time and in the following ways:

Consultation hours of the patient advocate

  • Tuesday:  12:30-3:00 PM

Consultation hours of the patient advocate

  • Tuesday:  12:30-3:00 PM

Contact information of patient advocate

  • Location: Bartók Béla út 2-26., Rainbow Sector (in the building of the trade union)
  • Phone number: +36 (52) 511 777, ext. 1140
  • Mobile phone:  +36 20 489 9548

Rights of patients

Investigation of complaints submitted by patients

If the patient intends to file a complaint while receiving or in connection with healthcare services provided and such complaint is not remedied at the department the patient is treated, s/he may submit such a complaint to the director general, the ethical committee of the hospital or the independent patient advocate working at the hospital. The investigation of the complaint does not influence the right of the patient to contact other organisations with such complaint.

Obligations of the patient

When using healthcare services, the patients shall credibly certify their personal data, disclose data regarding their disease and provide information and notification. The patients shall notify their hospital about possible legal statements made earlier and shall cooperate with the health care provider. Patients shall respect the rules and regulations of the institution, the relevant laws regarding healthcare and the instructions regarding their therapy.

During the exercising of the patient's rights and rights of relatives, the patients and their relatives shall respect the rights of other patients and the exercising of patient’s rights shall not violate the statutory rights of the healthcare workers.

Updated: 2019.12.18.