Medical sales representatives

At the University of Debrecen Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital (H-4031 Debrecen, Bartók Béla út 2-26.), the order of visits by medical sales representatives has been regulated.

In the future, appointments for medical sales representatives and the administrative tasks regarding such visits shall be performed online by the physicians, pharmacists and medical sales representatives (at the site) by using the VIREGI program.

During such visits, the use of the VIREGI system is mandatory.

Before logging in, the following documents may be viewed and downloaded:

  • General information
  • Registration sheet (containing the privacy statements and the data necessary for registration),
  • Statement (on compliance with effective law),
  • effective text of the relevant regulations.
    • Act LXIII of 1992
    • Act XCV of 2005
    • Act XCVIII of 2006
    • Decree no. 41/2007 (19.09)
    • Decree no. 3/2009 (25.02)
    • Act CXII of 2011

Request a password

  • Download the Registration sheet and the Statement .
  • Please personally submit the legibly completed and signed forms to the IT department at the ground floor of the Grey sector of the University of Debrecen Kenézy Gyula Teaching Hospital or send it scanned via e-mail to .

Registration in the VIREGI program

  • To log in to the program, use the user name and password provided in the e-mail you received at your e-mail address given in the completed registration data sheet.
  • After logging in, the medical sales representative shall complete a data sheet in the system and shall accept a Statement concerning compliance with the effective law.

Registration is successful after the completion of these steps.

By using the customized menu system, you may change your password and learn the steps regarding the use of the program. (VIREGI user manual)

Handover of medicine samples and medicine donations

Medicine samples and donations shall always be handed over by the medical sales representative in the pharmacy of the institution. The takeover shall be certified by the chief pharmacist by signing the handover-takeover report.

If requested, the chief pharmacist shall issue a certificate about the medicine donation to the medical sales representative.

In case of medicine samples, the report shall be signed also by the physician and a copy of such a report shall be handed over in the pharmacy. After this, the medicine may be requested by the given division. Reports can be printed out from the VIREGI program.


Recording of the visit in the VIREGI program is in compliance with the law and it is for statistical purposes. In the system, each medical sales representative can see only the activities regarding his/her own visits.


Information may be obtained about the VIREGI program and the registration to it at

Updated: 2019.12.19.